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Bullseye Security & Logistics company is an international security services company. Bullseye Security & Logistics company world-wide operations – land, sea, air – provide security for nations, organizations, and people as well as their possessions.

Bullseye Security & Logistics company practices security with a commitment to social responsibility. Bullseye Security & Logistics company employs qualified protective security detail (PSD) teams, security guards, and instructors with backgrounds from military, law enforcement, and private security services.

Assignments combine airborne and surface elements to perform efficiently as one team to increase client security as well as improve team safety.

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The company continuously integrates advanced technology with human capability to increase team performance and reduce client costs. Ethical principles govern our professional behavior at all times.

High risk day/night operations encompass a wide variety of missions involving man-made and natural threats. Anywhere, anytime, our operations are executed in urban terrain

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At Bullseye Security And Logistic Company Limited we specialize in door to door delivery of parcels, and diplomatic consignments, luggage and goods.

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As the world becomes a global village, the logistics industry At Bullseye Security And Logistic Company has the capability to track your consignment, luggage, goods, while it is still on high sea, on air, on road transport, en route to its destination.

With this achievement Bullseye Security And Logistic Company is assuring our customers of first class service and we are hoping for greater partnerships with more corporate bodies in handling every shipment.

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